Weekend Cat Blogging 29 - Rima

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Every week-end, food bloggers around the world unite and share pictures of their loved cats.

This WCB brings the joy of Christmas, as well as that of a re-united family, as Kiri has finally returned to Clare after being lost for 5 days. Pfew!  Rima and Nala are very happy to learn that Kiri is back home and safe!

Here is a picture of Rima, her Royal Highness :)

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Papilles & Pupilles 11/03/2006 11:19

Il fait très altier ! un vrai chat !

boo_licious 11/01/2006 12:17

Rima looks so regal. I am also glad Kiri is back with Clare.
Lots of loveBoo the cat

Pierre from Paris 26/12/2005 18:56

Rima est vraiment trop cute !

Mercotte 26/12/2005 18:05

Superbe ! quelle allure !