Weekend Cat Blogging #28 - Nala's fountain

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This weekend Nala is turning her back on us because she is having a drink :) 

I first saw this kind of cat fountain in a fly-buy catalogue in an American Airlines plane, heading to New-York in April earlier this year. I immediately loved the thing and wanted one for our cats. I had to refrain myself from bying it in NY (it wouldn't have fit in the suitcase), and I had to wait for the same kind of appliance to be available in Europe.

Now Nala and Rima always have fresh and filtered water at their disposal. They love playing with the water, pressing a paw on the dome and getting wet!

Nala's fountain


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KT 18/12/2005 02:15

Very nice! What a good mommy you are:)

claire 17/12/2005 23:45

Bonjour Marie.... c'est claire tu as laissé un message sur mon site (romancemélodie.fr.st) mais je ne m'apelle pas Elodie. merci de ta visite
bizzz Claire (Ex eclaire62 au coin du feu)

boo_licious 17/12/2005 02:49

I want one too! Lucky kitties.

Lots of love

Boo the cat