Weekend Cat Blogging 27 - Bathroom Nala

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Weekend Cat BloggingEvery weekend, food bloggers from Australia and the world unite to share piccies of their cats. Check out more cuties at Eatstuff.

After meeting Rima wondering what on hearth a bath-tub was for, let me introduce Nala and her bathroom behaviour.

Nala likes the bathroom dry and cosy

Nala likes the bathroom when it is dry and cosy, like our towels for example. Thank you for pre-heating them kitty!

Both my cats Rima and Nala join me to hug Stephanie, Alex and Matt after their loss of Macroon. Sorry about the death of your loved one.

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B'gina 11/12/2005 08:51

That looks a lot safer and more comfy than balancing on a narrow rim and leaning over a tub of water. Smart kittie.

Laurie 10/12/2005 16:42

I love that big spot on her back! I wanted to name Miss Jazz "Spot."

clare eats 10/12/2005 14:21

That is sooo cute Marie :)
At least your kitty has figured out how to be useful!