Weekend Cat Blogging 26 - Clean Rima

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Weekend Cat BloggingEvery weekend, cook bloggers unite to share pictures of their furry ones. You can check out more cuties at Eatstuff.

 What's this in the bottom of the tub, could this be eatable?

What's this at the bottom of the bath-tub?
Is this blue thinggy eatable?
What's that smell, it doesn't remind me of my usual cat food...

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a au fond de la baignoire?
Cette chose bleue est-elle comestible?
Qu'est-ce que cette odeur, ça ne ressemble pas à celle de mes croquettes...

 Dis maman, tu penses que je peux y aller?

Hey mum, what do you think?
Is it safe if I go down there to play?
Why are you laughing at me...

Dis maman, qu'en penses-tu?
Est-ce que c'est prudent de descendre là dedans?
Pourquoi est-ce que tu ris...


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Coco & Rico 04/12/2005

Nous avons bien aimer votre blog, bonne continuation

Amicalement Coco & Rico

B'gina 04/12/2005

Does he like to get in the shower with you? Or is it just the fascination of something new and different?

KT 05/12/2005

Cute kitty! Mine do not like water at all, so they go au naturel throughout their cat lives.

boo_licious 07/12/2005

Rima, you're so brave. I hate water.

Lots of love

Boo the cat